21 years of experience

More of us are now choosing to travel alone across the globe, and many of those travellers are aged 50 and over. Opting for holidays for one person can be exciting, full of adventure and freedom. Here is our quick guide on over 50s holidays for the single traveller.


You travel as a group


Although you are a solo traveller, in fact you will be travelling as a group, and as the saying goes there is safety in numbers. If you still want to remain independent and do your own thing, then that too is fine, but you have the reassurance that you are not alone.


Do as little or as much as you like


When you book an over 50s holiday abroad for the single traveller you have the option to book excursions, or if you prefer to sit by the pool or beach and relax, then that too is perfectly fine. There are no rules, other than simply doing what you want and having a fabulous holiday.


Form new friendships


When you take the plunge with a singles holiday then what you'll find is that you are not alone and that you will form many new friendships. If you live alone and want to find a fun way to meet new people, then using an over 50s holidays abroad specialist is a great way to do so.


It's more common than you think


Take a deep breath and go for it. Deciding to go on your first solo holiday can seem a little nerve-wracking, but the truth is that this type of holiday is becoming increasingly common. More people over the age of 50 are now choosing to travel alone because of the freedom that it brings them, plus the chance to embrace new opportunities.


Here at Travel One, we have 22 year of experience in the single traveller holiday market and we have an exciting selection of holiday destinations, specifically for solo travel. To learn more about our single traveller holidays, were you will be part of a group, then please do browse our website today.