21 years of experience

Solo travel can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s not something you’ve embarked upon before. But with thorough research and planning – plus a few packing essentials - single person travel can be not only rewarding but a life-changing experience.

Here are some top things to consider ahead of your trip.

1) Selfie stick

While you might end up as part of a bigger group on your solo travels, it’s always useful to have a selfie stick to hand, because you never know when a great photo opportunity could arise! Not only that, you’ll be a mainstay of your new group of travel buddies if you’re the one able to snap all the fun group shots.

2) Underwater camera

These are great for capturing really arty, Instagram-worthy shots in places most people don’t get to see! If you embark on a bit of snorkelling on your travels, or even just messing around with your new holiday pals in the sea or a beautiful cenote, an underwater camera could be a real gamechanger in terms of your holiday snaps and lasting memories.

3) Portable phone charger

Having your phone die while you’re out and about for the day is the last thing you want to worry about, especially when single person travel is involved. So, having an available charger is super important for two reasons – firstly, for sensible safety purposes and contacting friends and family back home, who will no doubt want to hear from you every five seconds. Secondly, to be able to instantly add any new travel companions on, and post all your latest holiday bragging snaps to Facebook!

4) Notepad and pen

No solo travel adventure would be complete without keeping a diary or at least jotting down some notes about daily activities, trips, experiences, great restaurants and the like, that you can revisit at a later date. A pen will also come in handy when you’re sending postcards back home. A lost art that’s rather died out thanks to social media, but something your family will still appreciate!

5) Little gifts from home

Depending on where your travels take you, it might be a nice idea to pack a few little gifts from home, either to share with travel buddies that you meet along the way, or to donate to local children, charity projects or schools. This could be a bigger quest of yours, such as donating old football boots to a club in Africa or stationary supplies to school children, or it could simply be something as simple as some local keyrings to show where you come from.